Contested (1BR) Space

Nov. 16, 2014, 11am – 7pm
ATA Window Gallery Artist Television Access
San Francisco

 In Contested (1BR) Space, Dan and Cheryl TM pull an 8-hour shift living in the window of the venerable film and video institution, ATA. Dan and Cheryl endure squeezing themselves into the terrarium-like storefront window space, venturing to live as many San Franciscans do in a space that is too small for humans to occupy. Living here for one work day, they try to manage their own experience of the precariousness of the rental market for tenants, be they individuals, small businesses, or arts spaces like ATA, made even more precarious by the recent loss at the polls of Prop G, the anti-speculation tax on the flipping of large apartment buildings. Dan and Cheryl attempt to inhabit the current abject trend and pressure towards micro living. Part of ATA’s Window Performance series “Almost Public/Semi-Exposed.”